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My Gallery

Projects for businesses 

דמויות אנשים.jpg

Character design, presentation & more

In every project in which I am involved, I make sure to be efficient and transparent in front of my clients. 

From the initial brainstorming, the early sketches and all the way to the final illustration.

In projects at this gallery, I knew that the clients strives to something that would keep an ongoing impression with the audience, and the final result did just that.

Special gifts


portraits & Birthday books

There is nothing like a unique gift.


A portrait or a book dedicated entirely to celebrating with lots of love.

 In every painting like this I try to reach realist credibility, the most flattering appearance and capture the unique character of the characters by additions sometimes from my  imagination or the client's.


Because this is actually the difference between a picture and a painting, in the painting there is no such thing that there is no such thing :)



Adults & children's

One of my dreams was to illustrate books and to my great joy I began to do so.


Whether it's a children's book or an adult book, give a personal visual interpretation to stories very exciting for me and also work together with various writers is very enriching.

Other stuff...

איור 2- פייס.jpg

exhibition & fun stuff

Illustrations for exhibitions and competitions are part of the fun and it feels great when there is a possibility from time to time to draw just for fun, unload a little, practice and fill batteries.

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